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Christine Hayes
Mar 03, 2021
In Denvour <3
After reading comments from people from every corner of my life about how much Denny meant to them, I decided to create a space I could keep forever full of memories and pics. Whether you met her as a scraggly puppy nightmare, at a party or study sesh during the Denden years of college, at a post-work gathering or any of the other millions of places we went together, I'd love to hear from you. I'll kick it off with the story of her name. Her adoption papers called her "Denver," but my 14-year-old self decided that was a ~manly name~ and people were already confused by her robust beard and I was a freshman in high school so I cared about silly things like that. She was a scared little pup, and I didn't want her to have an identity crisis while she was already going through a big transition. So I decided to change the spelling of her name instead of making her learn a new one. I thought British English words like "favourite" and "colour" were very classy, inspiring the creation of "Denvour". It's stunningly close to the word "devour" which also fit her perfectly. Some other names for this majestic queen were Denny, Denden, Dennis the Menace, Denzel Colorado, Stinky, Stinks, The Black Pant-er, The Bearded Lady, Big Girl and Baby Dog. She loved everyone she met, especially if they gave her snacks.
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Christine Hayes

Christine Hayes

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